I have known Ranjeet for many years, and every time I visit Goa I try to see him for some treatments. He is the best massage therapist I have worked with anywhere; knowledgeable, attentive, and hard-working. He has relieved me of many stubborn aches resulting from years of heavy weightlifting.

Sven G. Simonsen

I think Ranjeet is a fantastic masseur. He helped me with my knee injury and massaged away so much stress from my back, I felt  like a newborn after just a few sessions. I was amazed to notice that the tension in my neck disappeared completely after the psychosomatic massage. I recommend Ranjeet’s services for any physical … Continue reading Goshee Sadler

Goshee Sadler

I am a runner and couldn’t hardly walk when I was in Goa, a lot of pain in my back but after the first treatment I was already able to run on the beach , a fantastic therapist

Dorothe Fairley

Ranjeet is an amazing teacher and therapist he knows the body so well and picks up problems. Very respectful and clear boundaries, we see him every year when we are in India we would definitely recommend Ranjeet

Chris & Layla from London England

Shattered my foot into a hundred pieces but this man got it moving again, up until I left and came back to the UK!

Kim Weir
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